Why join the crew?

When your students enroll in the program, they’ll get access to resources like:

  • Hands-on experience
  • IT support by students, for students
  • Instructional materials
  • Industry certifications
  • Career preparation
  • And more

What is Dell Student TechCrew?

TechCrew is an educational program from Dell Technologies that partners with schools to promote career and technical skills training. Students work with TechCrew facilitators, often educators at their school, to learn the competencies needed for responding to technology issues and finding their career path.

Not only does the program give them a life-long skill set and provide their school with IT services, but it also fosters a sense of belonging amongst a diverse community.

Participate in the Program

Student learning & certification

Student learning & certification

With work-based learning and industry certifications, TechCrew offers enrolled students a lifetime of possibility. Beyond the technical skills, they’ll learn time management, customer communication, team collaboration, and so much more as they pursue career and education opportunities.

Additional technical support

Additional technical support

With TechCrew, schools get certified technical support from students on all Dell devices. That covers everything from ordering and replacing parts, repairs, troubleshooting software, running updates, and more.

Read how it works for schools here.

Job preparedness

Job preparedness

As one of the fastest growing breakthroughs in tech, we utilize the intelligence of conversational AI to help students prepare for what comes next. Through practice interviews with digital hiring managers and a digital coach, students are encouraged to take the career skills they learn in TechCrew and apply them to the interview process. Whether it’s speaking to a hiring manager in the first step toward a fulfilling career, or a college admissions administrator, this empowering training model helps them feel confident as they find their voice. These practice interviews are not recorded and no submitted information is saved or used.

See how it works.

Read how Student TechCrew helps get students jobs here.

Customer service

Customer service

Along with technical skills, TechCrew also provides students with the career skills critical to offering great customer service. It’s a skillset sought after by hiring managers as well as secondary education administrators. But beyond that, it helps students feel confident in themselves and enhances their ability to communicate inside and outside a team environment.

Read more about TechCrew’s customer service skills here.

Hands-on experience

Hands-on experience

With guidance from TechCrew Facilitators, students receive hands-on skills training by working with real tools and devices in their TechCrew workspace. This supports better retention of technical skills than reading or observing alone.

A story of transformation

Watch how students brought real change to schools throughout Wilson County, Tennessee and why education is just a small part of Student TechCrew.

Hear their stories

Every student who has been part of the Student TechCrew program has a story to tell. And we give them the platform to share it. Our podcast, “TechCrew Connect,” brings together students and professionals to discuss the impact Student TechCrew has had on their lives.

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Provide your students with the skills and confidence they need to embrace the future. By introducing Dell’s Student TechCrew program into your school, you empower your students and teachers to drive positive change in their communities.

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