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Flow Process, Suggestions/lessons learned on helpdesk

Process of developing the course

If it is too late to implement this program as an elective or Office Aid course, we recommended that you start with a club approach to work through items of process, curriculum approval and to build interest in the program.

Flow in the tech center

You will need multiple centers in the room. Each center should be lined up with the content and work skills that will be developed at that center.

Helpdesk: This is where issues are taken in, entered into the system and where people skills can be honed.

Repair station: This is where the repairs take place.

  • This area should be divided into different types of repairs and have images and quick reference guides.
  • Have a technician on call for issues during certain times of the day, however, you can use video technology to be virtually present, if not able to have them in the
    room physically.

Documentation & Support: Some districts have this station where students can create help documents (think videos and reference materials) or merely collect them for use by the tech team and also for use in classrooms, by other students.

Project: This center/time is for the student to develop and propose projects that will enable them to learn more about their areas of interest. They can develop a proposal that is then addressed by the teacher.

Certification: This center is for students to work on the materials, skills and/or testing for different certifications.

Suggestions/Lessons learned

  • Treat the program and the students as a professional workspace.
  • Learn the skills but set expectations and treatment around how to act and interact as a professional.
  • Ask the question: What would happen in this instance if it were a workplace?
  • Develop a course that allows students to earn different badges/micro-certs around specific technology or skills, so they are constantly learning and growing.
  • They can then help to address situations as other students are learning or combine them to be a manager within the space. These managers will develop a whole new skill set.
  • This program is not meant to replace your technology department. While it can help, this program is designed for students to learn, and learning takes time.
  • Develop a repository of information or knowledge-base. As new students enter the program and others leave, you won’t have the benefit of a long standing knowledge-
    base in your ‘personnel.’ So it is important to build this digitally.
  • What these students are doing is impressive; show them off as often as you can.